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Richmond Safety Camera Program comes to Semmes Ave.

One of the key objectives of the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan is to improve the safety of people who walk, roll and bike across streets within school zones. In addition, the City seeks to eliminate speeding on City streets.

Safety cameras have been deployed on a pilot basis in front of Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts on Semmes Ave, one facing eastbound and one facing westbound.

Civil penalties collected from the Safety Camera program will be placed in a special fund called the Vision Zero Action Plan Fund to be applied to first sustaining the Safety Camera Program and second implementing the strategies set forth in the Vision Zero Action Plan.

At each location, warning signs will be posted indicating that safety cameras are present and operational to monitor vehicles traveling 11MPH or more over the posted school zone speed limit. A warning period of 30 days will be in effect once the cameras are in operation where warnings will be issued to the vehicle owner traveling 11MPH or more. After the 30-day warning period, the vehicle owner shall be liable for a monetary civil penalty imposed. Evidence is reviewed by the Richmond Police Department before citations are issued.

More information on the Safety Camera Program is available from the City of Richmond.


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