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Provide your feedback on Riverside News, our print newsletter

We know times have changed. Some of us love picking up a paper copy of our Riverside News and reading about topics of community interest, while many of us consume news solely online or among friends and neighbors. There are also individuals who like keeping informed any which way they can, and we appreciate all of you.

Riverside News is typically published 4 times per year. We’ve scaled it back to 2 issues in 2021 due to low content submissions. While our generous neighborhood advertisers have offset the financial cost of the print newsletter, our volunteers contribute hours of time each issue securing content and advertisements, arranging layouts, and delivering the print editions.

In an effort to remain good stewards of our membership benefits and our volunteers’ time and energy, we have to ask – is Riverside News, in print form, worth it to our neighbors?

Please complete this short poll no later than November 1, 2021. Your responses will help inform how we proceed with future communications, including Riverside News.

— Poll closed. Thank you!


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