Current Board Officers

Get better acquainted with the elected officers for our neighborhood civic association.


A. Dawn Rosenberg and her husband, Matt, have lived in Woodland Heights since 2016. You’ll often see them riding bicycles and walking their dog, Wally, around the neighborhood. Dawn leads health and non-profit corporate communications, and she volunteers with the Junior League of Richmond.

Vice President

Vaughn Whitney Garland


Earnest White is a 15-year resident of Richmond and has lived in Woodland Heights since 2013, with wife Lucy and children Alice and Sonny. Earnest is an active advocate for Woodland Heights, volunteer with the Community Ideas Stations, and the Richmond City Democratic Committee. When he is not trying to make Richmond the best it can be, he enjoys spending time in his native Virginia Beach, on the water if possible.


Susan Kennedy Spain has lived in Woodland Heights since 2000. Susan previously served as Vice President of the Woodland Heights Civic Association. Susan lives on Stonewall Avenue with her husband John, children Lear and Nora, dogs Mischa and Louie (the 14th), and thousands of bees.