Current Board Officers

Get better acquainted with the elected officers for our neighborhood civic association.


Gustavo Angeles has lived in Woodland Heights on West 33 St. with his wife Lara and their son Ignacio, since 2012. He has a PhD in Education. He has volunteered at Patrick Henry School as an after-school Spanish teacher. He has also volunteered for Fifth district councilman Parker Agelasto.

Vice President

Vaughn Whitney Garland


Wilhelmina Bourne and her husband, Gene Murphy, have lived on W 32nd Street since 2001. Wilhelmina was a member of the committee that worked on obtaining historic designation for Woodland Heights. She and Gene opened their home for the Christmas Tour fundraiser in 2005. Wilhelmina likes Woodland Heights’ strong sense of community.


Susan Kennedy Spain has lived in Woodland Heights since 2000. Susan previously served as Vice President of the Woodland Heights Civic Association. Susan lives on Stonewall Avenue with her husband John, children Lear and Nora, dogs Mischa and Louie (the 14th), and thousands of bees.