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March Fire and Life Safety Bulletin

Read the latest Fire and Life Safety Bulletin from the Richmond Fire Department.

Clothes Dryer Fires – Throughout the Richmond area dryer fires continue to be a problem in residential structural fires. These fires can cause an extreme amount of damage to the building. Such fires are most often related to a lack of maintenance on the part of the owner. Dryers collect a tremendous amount of lint both in the lint trap and the exhaust tubing. Maintenance includes cleaning these areas on a regular basis. Ensure the exhaust duct is not restricted in any way. It must stay connected to the dryer and external port. Monthly, this duct work should be taken loose and checked to see there is not a buildup of lint in it or in the dryer. Of course again clean the lint trap before every use. In case of a fire, if possible shut-down the dryer and call 9-1-1. Fires of these types can burn in hidden spaces of the floor and/or walls for which the fire department is better suited to discover and handle.


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