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Letter from the WHCA President

Woodland Heights RIchmond VA

Dear Neighbors,

Another beautiful spring has arrived in Woodland Heights. As you may remember, Woodland Heights Neighborhood Association membership fees are due at the beginning of the year. Last year our Vice President helped collecting dues. This year, we implemented an online payment option; residents can use PayPal on our website:, or they can mail checks to our P.O. Box.

Knowing that traffic is a concern for some of our neighbors, I would like to propose that neighbors who park their cars on the street leave between two and three car lengths between their vehicles and the street corners. This will help with visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers at the intersections, and will help when two cars meet on the same road, especially on the streets that lead to Semmes Ave.

Summer is on the way, and plants have started growing. Please keep plants inside gardens and away from our sidewalks, to facilitate their usage. Let’s make our neighborhood a more pleasant place to walk, run, and ride.

As usual, we encourage you to help us by participating in any of the committees.  Without your involvement we cannot run any of the events that help us to integrate our neighborhood.  We have a new Vice President, Vaughn Garland, who was elected in our February meeting. I would like to thank Susan Martin for her services as Treasurer for the last two years. I also thank the continuing officers, Susan Spain in her new role as Treasurer, and Wilhelmina Bourne as Secretary.

I would like you to start thinking about elections for new officers; we meet five times per year, so for our September meeting we would like to have the candidates ready, in order hold elections at our November meeting. I would like to replace 2 officers this year. It is really important to rotate the officers; we do not want to call upon the same people for four or even six years. New officers will keep the association and its members much more active.

Enjoy the warmer weather, and see you on the streets!

Gustavo Angeles

From Riverside News, Spring 2018 Issue.


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