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Invasive plants in our neighborhood

Thank you to Ryan Ginsburg, Bill Shanbruch and Mary Wickham for presenting on behalf of the Invasive Plants Task Force to our members at the April 11, 2019 Civic Association meeting. Neighbors were interested to learn more about the invasive plants in our nearby parks and the impact our personal choices in outdoor plants can have on these parks.

Overview of Crooked Branch Ravine Park

This aerial photo was taken in the fall. The park has a brown hue where native plants have gone dormant in the cooler weather. The green hue around the park edges represents invasive plants that are often a result of our personal plant choices.
“Edge” Habitat
High Quality
“Internal” Habitat

Volunteer Opportunities

Reedy Creek: Every Saturday at noon

Belle Isle: Every Thursday morning at 9:00 am

Chapel Island: Fourth Monday at 1:00 pm

Buttermilk Trail: Consult Calendar

Pony Pasture: Consult Calendar

Texas Beach: James River Hikers

For more information, visit

Invasive Plant Resources


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