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Come Walking with Us, the WHCA Safety Committee

The Woodland Height Civic Association Safety Committee met on March 28th and identified a number of safety and health concerns that might need to be remedied.  Some of these are: Traffic concerns, road signs, broken sidewalks, clogged storm drains, unsafe street trees, park safety, street-lighting and alley issues.

The Safety Committee is organizing a series of walks to identify problems in our area and report them to the City for repair. The committee has broken the neighborhood into Six Zones to help divide up the work.  The first walk took place on Saturday, May 5, between 10 and 11 AM starting at W. 29th and Bainbridge at Carter Jones Park.   We will document concerns then enter them into RVA311. You can help with walking/documenting or entering.   Subsequent walks will focus on other areas of Woodland Heights and will be announced on Nextdoor and Facebook Woodland Heights pages.

Come out and join us for these walks. You can get some exercise, visit with neighbors and help make Woodland Heights a safer community!

From Riverside News, Spring 2018 Issue


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