Current Bylaws as of April 15, 2016


Responsibility of All Committees

  • Meet monthly, or more frequently if needed.
  • Report committee minutes to WHCA officers within a week of meeting and post on the Woodland Heights website within two weeks.
  • Report committee activities at each WHCA meeting.
  • Work collaboratively with other WHCA committees to successfully work on projects or tasks as identified.
  • Appoint individuals each year to serve in positions to carry out the various committee functions and responsibilities. 

A. Communications Committee

1. Function
The committee produces, develops and oversees all official communications of the WHCA.

2. Organization
A. Chairperson – Organize and chair all committee meetings; coordinates dissemination of information throughout different venues.
B. Editor – Serves as editor of the Riverside News.
C. Assistant Editor – Assists the Editor as needed.
D. Advertising Manager – Solicits and manages advertising for the Riverside News and the WHCA website.
E. Head of Distribution – Manages distribution of the printed copies of the Riverside News and other WHCA communications throughout the Woodland Heights neighborhood.
F. Electronic Communications Manager – Manages content on the WHCA website and social media platforms.
G. Members

3. Responsibilities
A. The production and distribution, both in printed and electronic form, of the neighborhood newsletter, which shall be called the “Riverside News”;
i. There shall be four (4) quarterly issues of the Riverside News each year.
ii. The Riverside News will consist of the WHCA President’s message, minutes from the most recent membership meetings, general information about local events of importance, reports of WHCA activities, information from and about city leaders and city events affecting the Woodland Heights neighborhood, columns of general interest, and any other relevant content of interest to the neighborhood.
iii. WHCA Treasurer’s report.
B. The entering of contracts with merchants for advertising in the Riverside News and/or the WHCA website, the revenue from which shall first be used for the production and maintenance costs of WHCA communications and then to the WHCA for general association activities;
C. The management and maintenance of all WHCA electronic communications, its internet website, and its various social media platforms; and
D. The production and distribution of any other official communication of WHCA business.

B. Neighborhood Safety Committee

1. Function
A. To improve the safety and security of the Woodland Heights neighborhood.
B. To act as liaison between the Woodland Heights Civic Association and the government agencies charged with preventing crime and maintaining street and neighborhood safety.

2. Organization
A. Chairperson: Organize and chair all committee meetings; coordinates dissemination of information throughout different venues.
B. Assistant Chairperson: To assist the chairperson as needed.
C. Members

3. Responsibilities
A. To initiate and increase participation in an active Neighborhood Watch program;
B. To organize and coordinate the annual Woodland Heights National Night Out event in cooperation with the other committees of WHCA;
C. To monitor, evaluate and report on traffic, crime and other neighborhood safety concerns; and
D. To advocate for remediation of neighborhood safety concerns with the appropriate government agencies.

C. Programs and Membership Committee

1. Function
A. To support the WHCA and will develop and organize events including fundraising, charitable, or other identified projects or activities to raise money for the association, or for the good of the community;
B. Provide programs and activities for residents to increase and maintain membership levels for continued viability of WHCA; and
C. Build membership to include residents from the entire community.

2. Organization
A. Chairperson: organizes and chairs all committee meetings; coordinates dissemination of information throughout different venues.
B. Assistant Chairperson: To assist the chairperson as needed.
C. Membership Liaison: Leads activities related to membership and works closely with committee members in an attempt to increase participation for all programs and activities.
D. Members

3. Responsibilities
A. Identify potential fundraising activities, both short-term and long-term;
B. Engage Woodland Heights residents to join in community activities and projects, with an emphasis of being inclusive to all residents including minorities;
C. Develop and maintain a work plan that identifies specific fundraising activities, persons responsible, staffing needs, necessary WH association resources and status;
D. Assist the WHCA to identify potential neighborhood projects in need of WHCA resources, i.e. funding, or other resources;
E. Work with other committees to identify how raised funds will be utilized by the Woodland Heights community;
F. Work closely with elected treasurer to develop and maintain system to track monies raised from fundraising activities, memberships, and donations; and
G. Maintain committee membership by actively recruiting new members as needed.